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Paul Frost, Managing Director of Puma Property Finance, one of our UKREiiF partners for 2024, delves into the transformative potential of the property finance market to foster the adoption of greener development practices.  He highlights that in an era where environmental consciousness is not just a trend but a necessity, the role of property finance in driving sustainable and socially impactful construction has never been more critical.

Through the introduction of the innovative Impact Lending Framework and a strategic partnership with UCL’s Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, Puma Property Finance is setting a new standard for environmentally responsible investing in the commercial property sector.

Navigating Challenges in a Changing Landscape

The commercial property sector has encountered significant turbulence, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, inflationary pressures, and an acute housing shortage. These challenges have sparked a debate on whether sustainability initiatives are feasible in the current economic climate. Contrary to viewing these efforts as an extravagance, Puma Property Finance advocates for sustainability to be at the forefront of the UK’s recovery strategy, emphasising the indispensable role of property finance in achieving this goal.

Embracing ESG for a Sustainable Future

The adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria is paramount in mitigating the construction industry’s environmental impact, responsible for a substantial portion of global carbon emissions. The transition towards sustainable construction is not without its hurdles, including cost implications, the availability of sustainable materials, and shifting consumer preferences. Despite these challenges, the urgency for change is palpable, with government initiatives and regulations fostering a move towards greener building practices.

Forging Collaborative Pathways

Understanding the complexities of sustainable construction, Puma Property Finance has embarked on a partnership with the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction at UCL. This collaboration aims to amalgamate insights from industry, policy-making, and academia to craft actionable sustainability practices. Such synergistic efforts are vital in navigating the barriers to sustainable construction and devising strategies that resonate across various stakeholders.

Impact Lending Framework: A Catalyst for Change

In a bold move to promote sustainable and impactful building projects, Puma Property Finance has unveiled its Impact Lending Framework. This pioneering initiative seeks to financially reward developers who incorporate sustainable and socially beneficial elements into their projects. By aligning financial incentives with sustainability and social impact criteria, the Framework encourages developers to integrate eco-friendly practices and contribute to societal well-being. This innovative approach not only supports environmental sustainability but also stimulates investments in underserved areas and affordable housing projects.

Summary: Expanding the Horizons of Sustainable Property Finance

The introduction of the Impact Lending Framework by Puma Property Finance marks a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable construction. This initiative exemplifies how the property finance sector can play a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of sustainable practices in the built environment. By providing tangible incentives for green development, Puma Property Finance is leading by example, encouraging other industry players to follow suit. The collective efforts of financial institutions, developers, and policymakers are crucial in shaping a sustainable future for the commercial property sector.

As we forge ahead, the commitment of Puma Property Finance to sustainability and social responsibility sets a benchmark for the industry, demonstrating the transformative power of property finance in the green revolution. Through continuous innovation, collaboration, and advocacy, the goal of achieving a more sustainable and equitable built environment is within reach, heralding a new era of responsible construction and development.

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Hosting the Beyond Net Zero Pavilion for the second year running is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our members and celebrate the wider work already happening across the built environment sector.

Each day of our exciting programme kickstarts with a national keynote speaker. Throughout each day, we showcase the best innovators, leaders and partners shaping the UK's green economy and sustainable future. Public, private and third sectors will come together over the three days to showcase in partnership, bringing us some interesting and provocative thoughts and content.

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We had one of the highest footfalls of all Pavilions in 2022, and we are back bigger and better this year, with a larger space, networking area and a series of lunches, presentations and keynotes.

Here are some highlights;

Chris Skidmore MP reveals all about his Net Zero Report.

Chris Skidmore MP is joining the Pavilion on Thursday 18 at 10.30 am to discuss his recent Net Zero Report - hear first-hand what's coming next.

The CEO of the UK Infrastructure Bank joins us on Tuesday 18 10.30-11.15, to talk about the Power of Sustainable Growth – Energy, Infrastructure and Economy. 'In conversation with' Our Chair Jason Longhurst.  This is high-level session that explores w the UK should be powering regeneration and delivering sustainable infrastructure for a more inclusive economy.

Mayor Marvin Rees opens the Pavilion and sets the challenge for the 3-days 9.20

Prologis leads a panel exploring the role the property sector can play in delivering Net Zero for the UK, focusing on the decarbonisation of construction and delivering renewable energy solutions at scale, 11.30-12.15

Our partners are giving best practice talks and insights throughout the three days. 

Keyland Developments will discuss the challenges in sustainable Innovation and Clean Growth and how to understand the total value and impact of projects.

Inspired Plc will take over a session on Tuesday at 3.15 to discuss best practices in Net Zero buildings and how to make your ideas become a reality.

Sir Robert McAlpine presents the opportunities and challenges in an exemplary case study on building sustainable communities and creating value – Lessons from Springfield Village.

Bradford Council take over Thursday will be packed with why investment and culture are intrinsically linked and celebrate being City of Culture 2025 - look out for City leaders discussing big topics and challenges on sustainable communities, culture and growth, and some eye-catching and mouth-watering cultural experiences happening on Thursday afternoon. This is the place to be on Thursday.

Watch for further updates on keynotes and event sessions as we lead the next generation of growth in the UK that will shape all sectors, industries and communities.  

We are also launching our Inaugural research report; The Economic Opportunity for a Sustainable Economy.

We have a specific session in the Pavilion where we will also launch it to the sector.

You can join us for lunch at this official event on [SOLD OUT]

17th May 12.15-1.30 - register Here

Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates, and use the hashtag #BeyondNetZero to search for our content and join the conversation.

We're excited about this event and have put a lot of effort into curating a fantastic programme of talks, showcases and mini-events inside the Pavilion for attendees. We're looking forward to seeing you there.


Thanks to our partners and sponsors: Inspired PLC Sir Robert McAlpine and KeyLand Developments Ltd with Bradford Council and Prologis, CBRE and Planning Portal.

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Our Autumn conference will be held post-COP27 on 24 November, 10.30 am - 4.00 pm at Mary Ward House London. We welcome guests of members and non-members to this event.

Our autumn conference will see Government and private sector leaders discuss the economic and environmental potential of clean growth, the transition to net zero, the future of sustainable development, the legacy of COP26 and COP27 and enable sustainability leaders an opportunity to share best practice.

We value our members and we are a small and interesting, innovative network. These small, conference-style events are held once a year to spark debate and challenge and meet and network with other members in a safe and closed environment.

We hope to encourage debate and challenge throughout the day at this November event and showcase some of the best practices across the UK.





There will also be plenty of networking opportunities with other members throughout the day.
We look forward to welcoming you.
Use this link to book your place.
The event will be followed by a member's only dinner.
We are pleased to confirm Lord Deben, Chair of the UK's Independent Climate Change Committee as our dinner speaker, fresh from Cop27 and will no doubt share an interesting perspective with us. Members can reserve a ticket on a first-come-first-served basis. It is an excellent opportunity to develop deeper relationships with other members and guests and enjoy a high-quality three-course meal with a drinks reception.