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A Catalyst for Sustainable Growth

UKBCSD is proud to pilot a new Clean Growth Strategy, shaped by our members and led by WSP, to deliver future economic growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and revitalise natural environments and communities.

The pilot study targets public sector leadership, setting the policy-compliant development agenda to attract investment and unlock corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable transport, decarbonisation and energy efficiency will transform the social and business community, helping local authorities structure objectives and priorities.  Health and wellbeing for people and planet will be the primary driver to inform development aligned across Net Zero and Biodiversity Net Gain.

The Clean Growth Strategy will establish transformational change through structured initiatives and pathways; these must be measurable within the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Ultimately, they should become obligations that inform decision making, growth and expectations for sustainable development.  Our first pilot is with Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

Why do we need this?

Economic and social challenges:
Economic and social challenges of deindustrialisation; poverty, high unemployment, and a degree of social unrest.
Sustainable urbanism:
A significant economy in the region supported by the financial, tourism and manufacturing sectors; a place worthy of sustainable vision and investment.
Sustainable economics:
Emerge as a new Northern Powerhouse; an exemplar of sustainable development at any scale.

key objectives

To demonstrate public sector leadership and innovation for sustainable growth.  Establish key commissioning principles and protocols for regeneration, securing investment from central government and private sector investment partnerships.
Macro level
The Clean Growth Strategy will focus on these policy areas; delivery, quality and efficiency of new homes; accelerating the shift to low carbon transport; delivering clean, smart and flexible power; and enhancing the benefits and value of natural resources.  
Micro level
The Clean Growth Strategy is about big-picture thinking and creative innovation.  It will redefine how we understand everyday life against which existing strategies and policies can be assessed and defined.  

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