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UKBCSD is the voice of
the sector, for the sector.

About us

For the last 22 years UKBCSD has represented exceptional thought leaders, business trailblazers, innovators and disruptors coming together and uniting with the singular intent of securing a more sustainable world. Combining policy with innovation our members are given a voice and a “new generation” network to stand out from the crowd. They go beyond net-zero, shaping and delivering against every SDG, guiding others and becoming their benchmark. They are about action, not just words.
70 global network partners
25+ UKBCSD and 200 WBCSD member companies
Part of global network with combined revenue of $8.5 trillion

we value action

As an organisation we support innovators, recognising brilliance and applauding bold, confident action, not just words. Leadership comes through our members, who focus on their collective drive to facilitate change. Our difference is in our commitment to working together, across sectors.

  • 1.

    Engage with Government and policy makers to outline Net Zero pathways, aligning the SDGs.
  • 2.

    Champion sustainable development nationally and globally; influencing its delivery.
  • 3.

    Encourage meaningful steps to hasten UK industry solutions to climate change and economic growth.
  • 4.

    Curate a select membership programme for pioneering companies, helping members play an active and crucial role across messaging and representation.
  • 5.

    Collaborate with research entities on thought leadership supported by factual data.

our partners

Collaboration is integral to everything we do, and sustainability is not something that can be solved in silos.
So, we take a proactive approach to partnerships and the sharing of knowledge and support. UKBCSD is proud to be partnered with Cranfield University, which will be working with us on one of our three core programmes, “Clean Growth – defining a green recovery.”

our vision

As part of the World BCSD, UKBCSD’s vision is one of global impact but with a UK-localised approach. Aligning directly with the United Nation’s SDGs, UKBCSD is on the frontline in turning this road map into action across the business, people and place sectors. We share innovation and expertise, with an ethos of working and learning together for a ‘green recovery’.