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Smart Construction

Sustainable construction requires smarter planning, building and living. Correctly aligned, these will champion more intelligent, sustainable and profitable methods across the UK.

The programme will analyse and assess themes including garden communities, big infrastructure, charging point roll-out, 5G, guided buses, driver assisted/driverless cars and robot couriers.

We already know tomorrow’s cities will capture vast amounts of behavioural data through IOT sensors; we must prepare services, buildings and homes to adapt similarly.

We will create panels for key themes, featuring special guests, exemplars, promotional videos and tech demonstrations; seeking to catalyse dialogue and engage members.

UKBSCD; collectively raising the bar on construction.

Why do we need this?

Existing construction underperforms; gangs of labourers chase work across the country; a skills shortage is hampering green progress. Few skilled labourers exist compared with demand. We urgently need a smarter logistics for how we build.
How we use our buildings is changing. Coronavirus has accelerated this; smart and evolving adaptation for buildings is essential, not optional.
Today’s tech is evolving faster than our buildings. Too often we retrofit tech into analogue buildings. Future buildings must integrate tech early, holistically and completely.

key objectives

all members in cross-sector learning.
refinements and improvements across sustainable construction.
Smart Construction across every UK sector.

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