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We will place the SDGs firmly at the core of sustainable UK growth; informing enviro-economic recovery, economic success, innovation and continued ‘green’ investment.

Further, this programme answers continued calls for clear metrics and committed outcomes locked into policy or pathways. Our timing towards COP26 will allow us to align partners, new players, investment and innovators to fast-track tangible steps now.

Live testbeds will involve active members from communities to SME through to major sustainable businesses. UKBCSD will profile these and seek further advancements with mainstream media, policy makers, investors and government.

Why do we need this?

To ensure
we deliver multiple integrated outcome benefits beyond Net Zero.
To set
tangible and investable pathways to meet all Sustainable Development Goals and build a green recovery.
To deliver
an investable approach; offering natural metrics beyond Net Zero, incorporating Social Value, ESG and SDG to create a viable environment for transition and new enviro-economic opportunities.

key objectives

Define case of mainstreaming UN SDGs – organisational, place and individual (community), creating a pathways plan, in partnership, cross sector, for all.
Defining Green Recovery – clean growth, outcome benefits, defined by a single metric beyond net-zero (SV/ESG to SDG).
Set case for an SDG ACT 2021 – Sustainable Enviro-Economics - enabling social, economic and environmental investment.

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