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These are the influencers who beg, borrow, partner and innovate to deliver tangible outcomes.

our members

The UKBCSD member base consists of some of the most exciting, innovative and experienced companies in smart construction, energy, utilities, logistics, technology, public sector and academia.
Membership is either by invitation, or through a strict application process that is signed off by the Board, to ensure that members reflect not only the highest sustainability credentials, but are also actively implementing their products or services, right here, right now.


Joining UKBCSD gives all members an opportunity to be part of the large-scale collaboration our country needs.
Engage in a high value UK and global strategic network
Access to state-of-the-art thinking and proven, tangible solutions
Support the mainstreaming of member activity into national policy

The more sustainable an organisation, the more successful it will be, and we need as many as possible to be part of the transition to a sustainable world. No one part of our economy or community can succeed, in a society that fails.

If you are serious about improving sustainability, responding to climate and economic challenges and contributing to collaboration on sustainability across sectors, the UK and worldwide, then you are a welcome member of our network.

UKBCSD is inclusive - we don’t judge a business by its legacy. We know that no organisation in the world is perfect and that all can do better, no matter what sector you represent, public, private or third. We believe that today’s challenges require innovation, inspiration and leadership that can come from anywhere.

We look forward to welcoming many more partners to UKBCSD. This is about delivery today, not commitments or pledges for tomorrow.

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why become a MEMBER

Engage in a high value strategic network of leading organisations seeking to shape and define a sustainable approach to growth in the UK.
Access to a global network across 60 countries as a country partner of World Business Council for Sustainable Development WBCSD.
Involvement with state-of-the-art thinking on business and sustainable development.
Anticipate emerging trends and influence national policy, investment and growth.
Access to proven, tangible solutions to sustainable development challenges and testbed approaches. This includes WBCSD publications, programmes and tools.
High-level networking opportunities at our events and programmes.
Support the mainstreaming of member activity into national policy, development and strategic programmes with policy makers, national and devolved government.
Active participation in strategic programmes to deliver positive market disruption approaches.
Shape the sustainability agenda in the UK.

How to apply

Membership of UKBCSD is by invitation of the Chief Executive and approved by the UKBCSD Board. We welcome expressions of interest in membership from organisations with a commitment to sustainable development, operating in the UK.

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If you'd like to receive news updates from UKBCSD, or would like us to contact you, please email or call using the number below, or submit your contact details.
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