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"We want to share our knowledge and ideas"

6 October 2020
Reading Time: 3 mins

Rosanna Lawn, Brand and Strategic Projects Director, Project Etopia

“We must all be braver in how we do things - people aren’t looking widely enough.  This goes a lot further than the real estate industry developing affordably and sustainably.  For us it is about using all our knowledge and combining it with other innovators, to create the eco cities of the future.”

Rosanna Lawn is Global Brand and Strategic Partnerships Director for Project Etopia, a modular developer founded in 2015 by Joseph Daniels, who last year was announced as Innovation Champion at the Building Innovation Awards.  The company’s modus operandi is to combine energy, construction and intelligent technologies to build the highest performing buildings, without contributing to climate change. 

“We joined UKBCSD because we know our product has all the credentials to make a massive difference in mitigating against the impact of climate change and, because of this, we want to have a voice among other forward-thinking industry pioneers.  We know UKBCSD members are leaders in their field so, in short, we want to be in the company of more experienced, trusted organisations.   We might be a young company but the way Joseph our CEO thinks is very different, we know we can bring something to the table too,  share our knowledge and ideas.”

Joseph and his team have created a modular system that has an EPC rating of up to 105 out of 100, is flood proof and has been seismic tested.  It has officially achieved ten times traditional building regs for airtightness and passiveness (Part L, Part P) and twice the passivhaus standard.  The homes are not only highly energy efficient, they actually create more energy than they use.  One has been built at the BRE Innovation Park, as an exemplar for the new BPS 7014 standard for modular homes.  The company built a demonstrator home in a shanty town in Namibia, capable of generating 25kwh per day but only requiring 3kwh to function.  They are also on site with a scheme in Corby, with other deals finalising with private, public and housing association clients. 

"The system consists of a combination of energy technologies - a renewable energy package that focusses on the way we generate, use and store energy within the home, construction technologies – the hyper sip, high performance panellised MMC materials that we construct the superstructure out of and intelligent technologies – the in house developed IoT device that can make any building smart through basic installation, which helps to monitor and manage energy usage and efficiency whilst enhancing the inhabitants' lifestyle through a range of convenient processes. Holistically integrated together, these core pieces of technology make up an incredibly high performing box that is flexible enough to be internally or externally designed, however is desirable.

“We have a product that is unlike any other and it can be volumized.  We want to work with other companies, give them access to our systems.  Everyone has the right to quality and comfort – as well as having exceptional environmental credentials, our houses at 'The Avenue' at Priors Hall Park, Corby, are 25% bigger than standard.  We want to work with housing associations, SMEs, as many different clients as possible to help build homes in large numbers, with minimal impact on the environment.”

Project Etopia is working with Samsung Electronics on a ground-breaking partnership that will bridge the gap between the technology and real estate world like never before. Project Etopia realise that the future of real estate lies within both sustainability and technology and through this partnership with a leading global tech giant, Project Etopia will be years ahead of the rest of the market. More details of the partnership will be released over the coming months, and spans sustainable solutions for new builds as well as existing housing stock.