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19 February 2020
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The Government’s commitment that the UK will eradicate its net contribution to climate change by 2050 was delivered 12th of June of last year. As the first G7 nation to legislate to cut emissions, and now to rigorously commit to net-zero emissions, the UK’s position as an ambitious and effective leader on climate change has now been firmly established.

UKBCSD wrote to the Prime Minister’s office in January setting out how our members’ commitment to engage with cabinet office and No10 will achieve this. There will continue to be debate and challenge regarding the costs and practicalities of decarbonising our economy but we, as a public/private partnership of practitioners, investors and stakeholders, offer to respond robustly. By evidencing, developing and promoting the new technologies that will deliver a low carbon future, the UK can become an effective leader, reaping the benefits of clean growth whilst safeguarding the wellbeing of present and future generations.

We have invited the Government to consider the approach both our UK and global partners can bring to support delivering tangible benefits enhancing the country’s pace of growth, quality of development and social benefits that go beyond the headlines of ‘climate emergency’. This will help provide solutions to the current challenge harness the UKs strengths in this global agenda in 2020.

This action provides a clear statement of intent for the UK's actions as host of the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow next November. It also provides an opportunity to promote the creativity, collaboration and openness of our business and research communities working together in understanding, mitigating and adapting to climate change. UKBCSD, together with its global parent, World Business Council would welcome the opportunity to showcase collaborative enterprise and business excellence at a UK hosted COP.

We are now progressing discussions with strategic policy leads within Government with a view to formalising collaboration on delivering the priorities endorsed last July, by our membership.

More news to follow.