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UKBCSD Welcomes – New Members

3 October 2018
Reading Time: 2 mins

Joining UKBCSD this quarter are:

ProLogis UK - is the leading developer and owner of logistics property in the UK and worldwide .In the UK, Prologis is pioneering an approach to sustainable distribution centres that they have developed working within established environmental standards and their own stringent methodology. Its portfolio has 304 sustainable building certifications in 17 countries demonstrating how forward looking, nimble and resilient this organisation is within a rapidly changing world.

LABC works with manufacturers, trade bodies, professional institutions and other recognised bodies to ensure that standards are well-defined and easy to apply Promoters of LABC Regional Building Excellence Awards the largest business to business awards in the building control sector. LABC gives national recognition to sustainable design and high performance buildings; outstanding companies, partnerships and individuals able to solve technical problems with creative solutions and;  use of innovative products and the skills to overcome difficult site conditions. Their renowned and respected Awards actively encourage use of a diverse range of skills and technology solutions to achieve quality in all types of building project.

Heatrae Sadia - are a market-leading manufacturer of electric heating and hot water products manufacturer specialising in domestic and commercial hot water, hygiene and drinking water solutions and renewable technology. Their expertise in solar thermal technology has led been led by innovation, producing solar products capable of providing up to 60% of annual hot water requirements for UK households. Heatrae Sadia’s own National Design Awards competition, which showcases their further commitment to Innovation and sustainable solutions, is devised to encourage more young people into the industry in response to the current skills gap.

David Lock Associates - An independent multi-disciplinary town planning, urban design and master planning consultancy based in Milton Keynes. DLA’s advisory expertise across residential, employment, transport infrastructure, retail and education, has led to establishing plans and sustainable evidence base for creating some of the UK’s largest new settlements and urban extensions.