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Published at COP26, the WBCSD Business Manifesto for Climate Recovery

5 November 2021
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This week WBCSD published its Business Manifesto for Climate Recovery. UKBCSD Chair and Chief Executive, Jason Longhurst comments,

“UKBCSD welcomes the manifesto from our global partners WBCSD.  It reinforces the role of partnership across sectors and moves us on from generic pledges and commitments that lack committed, tangible and investable steps,. The manifesto reflects UKBCSD’s position to drive positive change through the direct application of sustainability steps today, through partnership, innovation and transition, going beyond just a net zero focus. Our aim is to reduce and remove emissions across sectors, whilst ensuring transition to achieve sustainable growth within the UK.

“Critically, UKBCSD seeks to align the UK’s leading organisations in partnership, to unlock, create and sustain a new sustainability sector that drives a true green economy, with global benefits and placing sustainability at the heart of the response to climate challenges.  We seek to measure this transition against the existing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement meeting the 2030 and 2050 commitments.

“As part of the WBCSD global network, UKBCSD members are already at the forefront of delivering transformational outcome benefits in addressing climate change and meeting the UN SDGs.