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Coronavirus – A message from the Chair of UKBCSD

20 March 2020
Reading Time: 2 mins

In light of the ongoing spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), UKBCSD has activated its business continuity plans. Our priority is to ensure the health and safety of our team and support members, as well as the continuity of our organisation.

We understand the critical role UKBCSD can play during this time and how our expertise can support you in understanding the emergency response processes and steps government are now making which will impact on us all, our businesses and supply chains. Communications with and across our members we feel will be key and our ability to work remotely but not in isolation is critical to responding to this unprecedented emergency.

We wish to support our members to ensure you have the best intelligence, understanding and support as you navigate the challenges and impact on across multiple sectors and our communities and people. I know you are likely to be inundated with communications like this one. Even so, as both Chair of UKBCSD and as the first Emergency Planning Gold Commander to initiate a Business & Economic Recovery Group in the country last week, in advance of the Economic Emergency statement made by the Prime Minister this week, I wanted to offer support under these extremely challenging circumstances.

Navigating the impacts, seeking to mitigate these, the next steps and recovery to come, whilst maintaining business continuity and support to your own supply chains will be critical. This whilst working hard to protect the relationships, networks, social value and keeping sustainability of our sector core to recovery. This is at the heart of UKBCSD’s approach, our members and the workforce, businesses and communities we support.

Our response plan
As this emergency progresses, I will establish a dedicated communications response to support your operations, give insight to steps implemented by government and how these will be delivered - this is already a complex environment for anyone impacted upon.

Not only are we able to actively monitor the implementation of government and local emergency service support to our sector, supply chains and local processes, we can, if requested, seek to provide updates into your organisations as new steps come forward and support you to access emergency commitments. As UKBCSD members and leaders in our sector, I am keen we work in partnership with other organisations and government to ensure the viability and sustainability of our sector to respond to these unprecedented times.

I am keen to hear your views on the impacts you are facing and steps you feel we, partners and government, must address. I know in my role as Emergency Planning Gold Commander the significant impacts this is already having to multiple sectors, families and individuals - If we work together to support our partners, supply chains and wider communities it will be invaluable to planning the recovery steps.

We’re here to help
I understand that the current events impact us all personally before professionally. I know we are all doing everything we can to ensure we are healthy and safe and are able to support our people, customers and communities. We are determined to doing everything we can to be positive people contributing to the wider community.

Please contact our team at with any questions, concerns, or requests.