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Clean Planet Energy is 'buying time' for the world

18 May 2021
Reading Time: 3 mins

Clean Planet Energy is ‘buying time’ for the world by delivering  a solution to act as an intermediate step for cleaner air, and cleaner oceans, today.”

Yesterday, by midnight, the world’s plastic factories had manufactured 876,000 tonnes of new plastic products, in a single day. Tonight, by midnight, the world’s transport and logistic networks will reset for another day. Tomorrow 100,000+ flights will depart, and 75,000+ cargo, cruise & fishing  ships will set sail. A cargo ship can use 175,000+ litres of dirty fossil fuel in a single day.  It can release the same SOx pollutants as over 300 million cars. That’s a single ship, in a single day. A domestic flight, for each KM travelled, for every economy passenger, will release 250g of new CO2e emissions. Record CO2e emissions are dramatically changing our environment; 33 million tonnes were released into the atmosphere last year alone. And it’s growing, fast.

So,  what if there was an immediate solution to recycle all the plastic waste and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time? Clean Planet Energy (CPE) is today’s answer to that intermediate step towards clean air and clean oceans. CPE is a fast-rising UK company that delivers proprietary ecoPlants (that power themselves) designed to convert non-recyclable waste plastic into ultra-clean fuel.

Clean Plant Energy is on a mission to remove over 1 million tonnes of waste plastic from our environment, every year. Plastic that would otherwise end up in landfill, being incinerated or entering our oceans. By replacing fossil hydrocarbons with recycled plastic material, CPE extracts as much value as possible from existing resources while eliminating waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring a sustainable circular economy.

CPE’s ecoPlants use a process called ThermoCatalytic Pyrolysis which, in addition to their commercially tested and patent-pending hydroprocessing upgrading process, achieve the shift from low-value pyrolysis oil properties into premium-grade, ultra-clean and negligible-Sulphur fuel.

Unlike today’s mechanical recycling processes which are limited to a limited set of plastics, CPE’s ecoPlants can accept almost any type of plastic, including single-use plastic and plastic which is wet and dirty, tolerating ~10% of contamination (e.g. food waste); this means most of the plastic which is harming our environment can now be recycled. Each Clean Planet ecoPlant can process 20,000 tonnes of plastic a year, and their unique and sustainable design aims to make a significant positive impact on the communities wherever they are built. Currently, CPE have 2 ecoPlants in construction Phase in Teesside and Suffolk, and 4 others under development phase across England. We aim to build strong and long-term partnerships with local authorities and the private companies to enable us to grow quickly and sustainably and reach our goal of processing 1 million tonnes by 2027.

For the CPE team, sustainability is not just a good idea – it’s the reason why they exist.  Each one of the CPE team is an ambassador of our core values, shares the vision for Clean Oceans and Clean Air, and believes in the mission to remove over 1 Million tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste from our environment, every year. What brings them together is the belief that “Everyone deserves better”.

“Our partnership with UKBCSD supports our vision for clean oceans and clean air. Collaborating with a like-minded group such as UKBCSD who engage directly with the Government to showcase WHY and HOW the innovative solutions produced and advocated by its members how can deliver this, enables Clean Planet to enhance the delivery of our mission of to remove over 1 Million tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste from our environment, every year. We all believe that everyone deserves better, and this collaboration builds on this mantra.” Dr. Andrew Odjo, Chief Technical Officer.